Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Day 87.

My relationship with Hyde Park is love/hate. Some days I'm madly in love with this little "island" neighborhood and how much there is to offer, how I feel I belong, and the culture that seems to ooze out in unexpected places.

Then there are other days where I count the hours that I have until I can move away. Those times, it seems, there is nothing to do, everyone is mean and everything is too expensive.

I am grateful for Hyde Park.

Today was the Passport to Music at the Hyde Park Suzuki Institute. How wonderful this organization is. I was thrilled to learn more about the possibility of Dylan taking violin (or cello - depends on the day which she's more interested in). Dylan was still sick with the fever I mentioned yesterday (which evolved into more of a full-blown thing today) I sadly couldn't bring her. So, I packed up Noah after soccer and groceries and we enjoyed some great music!

The whole event gave me such warm fuzzies about Hyde Park. Maybe it was the tiny 2-feet tall cellos with the 3-feet tall students playing them. Maybe it was remembrance of my own Suzuki violin days and various conservatory recitals just like this one. I didn't know such a Suzuki culture existed in HP. Yes, I knew of the Institute, but had no idea how involved the whole thing was. The teachers seemed great. The students were happy and motivated. And a good slice of the community was there to take part.

I even saw some friendly faces there - some neighbors, some families from Bible Study, one family from Art School. Makes you feel like you live in a small town when you have that kind of familiarity in events you attend.

Ahhh, Hyde Park. Today, I love you.

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