Friday, March 20, 2009

KAM Isaiah Israel

Day 79.

I am grateful to have found a preschool for Dylan.

We still have to apply and get "accepted." But, I feel really great about KAM Isaiah Israel, which we visited this morning. Dylan loved it (and that's an understatement).

She entered into the class almost effortlessly, and I even sat outside the room for a bit, and she was completely and wonderfully comfortable. I feel so grateful to have a place in my neighborhood (and literally RIGHT across the street from Obama's house! - police are EVERYWHERE!) that I feel so great about. It's the cheapest option in the area, and while cheap still means expensive on our family's terms, we have to do this. I just feel like it's the one.

Dylan had a wonderful time playing there for two hours this morning. The only troublesome moment was during snack time - right before we left. Dylan didn't know the rules of pouring juice (they each had their own little plastic pitcher of juice at their tables), and she poured too much and spilled all over the floor. All the kids laughed, and I was heartbroken.

For Dylan, I'm not sure how it was. I plan to "playfully parent" this one and try the same scenario with some dollhouse people later this week. But, she handled it mostly in silence.

That has to be the hardest thing that you deal with as you enter your kids into the real world after having them at home with you for some time. Dealing with other kids, and watching them hurt. I don't want to project my own sensitivities upon her...acting like she should have been embarassed, when maybe she wasn't at all. But I also desperately don't want her to feel alone. I'm such a sensitive person myself, it's hard to detach my kids from those emotions and not assume they feel every last thing that I do.

It can't have been to traumatic for her, because I asked her later about the whole experience, and she had nothing but good things to say. She really really really wanted to go to school tomorrow. So, I guess we've made our decision. I'm relieved, happy and most of all, grateful.

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