Sunday, March 8, 2009


Day 67.

This afternoon, for a mommy/daughter outing, Dylan and I went to see Alice in Wonderland & Carnival of the Animals, a ballet put on by her dance school - The Hyde Park School of Dance. It was incredible to watch Dylan in that grown-up of a setting. I thought she would really like it, but wow, she loved it even more than I imagined.

I am grateful for a child's eyes filled awe and inspiration.

As we waited for the show to begin, we got to talk about why the lights go dim five minutes before they turn them off for good. We read the program together (saying out loud every child's name in the performance!), we looked around for other Hyde Parkers we recognized, and we just anticipated.

She asked me maybe 23 times when the lights were going to dim for good and the show would then start. And when it did, it did not disappoint either of us. They put on a wonderful show, complete with really great costumes and terrific choreography. It was quite professional for a student show!

On the way out, we talked about what we liked best. Dylan said "everything." But then she said, "Do you know what was the worst part? That I didn't get to go up on stage."


  1. Yippee! Does this mean we can go
    to Mary Poppins?