Monday, March 16, 2009

Yum. Yum. Extra yum.

Day 75.

It was sunny all day, and although it never felt like more than 50 degrees...we milked the sun for all it was worth. We spent most of the day outside, walking to the park, playing at the park, walking from the park to the grocery store, then walking home. Walking to ballet, walking to a friend's house to drop off a book, and then walking home. Lots of walking - my legs feel it and they feel good!

I am grateful for Istria's gelato.

Cafe Istria is the cafe attached to the Hyde Park Art Center, so I'm in love with them for all the wonderful Wednesdays Noah and I spend together there. But they also have a location on 57th street under the metra tracks (the original one in HP). And it was there that we stopped on the way home this afternoon for a delicious dish of passion fruit gelato.

It's especially exciting for me, because it is as (or more) delicious than about any ice cream you can find - but all of their fruit flavors are made with water - not cream, so us dairy-free-igans out there can splurge as well.


We about froze our fingers and innards off as we huddled around the dish and filled our stomachs with icey creamy goodness...but it was oh so worth it.

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  1. Did you try their Nerds gelato? Not very Italian, but yummy! Oh, and if you haven't gone there in the summer yet, you have to try Cafe Gelato in Wicker Park - the best in Chicago, I think!