Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Freecycle!

Day 82.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I spent the day organizing and decluttering our back bedroom (it's a storage room right now). I desperately want it to function as a guest space and be a real room and not a walk-in closet. So, I went all Peter Walsh on myself, and did a pretty good, quick job of purging, putting away and giving away.

I am grateful for Freecycling.

What a freaking amazing invention that was. As I cleaned out my room, I started posting, and by the end of the day I had two pickups and a computer desk, a lamp, an office chair (that I ended up getting $25 for) a mp3 dock and some workout videos gone! It was so freeing! The people were genuinely grateful, and I was grateful for them! They took my junk and saved it from a landfill, and I got more space in my house! What a win-win for everyone.

I'm a regular craigslister, but I think I'll now freecycle more than I will post on craigslist. It just was easier (I had like 50 responses for the mp3 dock within 20 min!) and the gratitude of the people receiving was worth a lot more than the token 20 bucks here and there you might get by selling the stuff.

Sorry to my husband who has to look at all the crap I took OUT of the room... and then ran out of time! I left town for a few days with the kids - while he gets to swim through office supplies in the kitchen. I promise I'll still be on my organization kick when I return. :)

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