Sunday, March 1, 2009

Under the weather

Day 60.

I can remember a time in my life when being sick with a cold/cough/sore throat (something relatively mild) was a blessing. It meant I got to stay home all day and watch USA gameshows (namely Press Your Luck). But even better, I got to spend all day with my mom. I had her all to myself, and she would make me a cozy bed on the couch - taking off the back cushions and putting twin sheets on the couch like a real bed. We'd bring my pillow down from my bed, get some cozy covers and I would relax. Yes, I would be recovering from illness, but I deeply enjoyed this time, and these days are some of my favorite childhood memories.

As a mom, when your children are sick, of course your heart goes out to them. You'd rather be sick for them - you just don't like to see them suffer in any way. When kids are sick, they are needy (actually who isn't needy when sick?), and that could be a negative thing, but unless they are throwing up all over me every hour, I see it as blissfully positive.

I am grateful to be needed.

Dylan has a cough and low-grade fever tonight. She cuddled, she sunk it my arms, and she was full of pro-mommy language. As she gets older, she cuddles less and less. And so for these sacred moments, I revel in this love. And, when she's sick, it is an opportunity to return the favor, in a way. I can be the very caregiver that I cherised twenty-five years ago.

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