Monday, March 9, 2009

My Instrument of Thought

Day 68.

Today wasn't a particularly wonderful day. We went to get some groceries and a few other things at Target and ended up spending about an hour too long there. Picture two sad, frustrated, tired children trying to wriggle their way out of the beautifully-designed mom of two (or three) children shopping carts. Then Noah (who has a cough/cold and is extra in need of sleep) only sleeps for 20 minutes on the way home, and doesn't take his usual 2-hour nap.

But sometime yesterday I promised myself something. In my constant journey to becoming mindful and present in my parenting, I thought how much easier it would be to do this if I had a focus. Like a mantra to keep me centered in the moment, enjoying my children JUST as they are - beautiful and angelic and happy - or red-faced, crying and angry. To notice more, enjoy more and just BE more.

I am grateful for mantras.

It worked! As I said, it wasn't a particularly special day, and I ended the afternoon feeling like I was coming down with Noah's sickness...but I felt like my mindfulness took a brand new step in a really great direction.

Every time I was playing with the kids, talking to the kids, or just listening to someone's (seemingly) continuous commentary, I paid attention, gave them eye contact, and really did notice in each of these moments what special little people they are.

What was my mantra?
Be present in this moment.

I hope it works again tomorrow. Maybe I'll put up little post-its for myself or make myself a bracelet that reminds me.


  1. that's a great mantra. hope it keeps working. love you.

  2. I LOVE THIS. I need this, especially lately. Thank you, for everything. :)