Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mr. Golden Sun

Day 64.

It was gorgeous out today. I mean...gorgeous. Sunny, low 60's (and ok, it was windy, but I tried not to focus on that). We walked to bible study. We walked to the library. And on the way home - the kids RAN. They RAN and RAN and RAN some more (much to the chagrin of my worry-meter which was in high gear as they raced down the busiest street in our neighborhood - why can't I stop my mind from imagining them hurling themselves into oncoming traffic?).

They were so happy. They were chasing each other - encouraging each other. And just being so nice to each other. They stopped running at one point and just walked side by side...Dylan even put her arm around Noah's shoulder and said, "Hey mom, look at this." Okay, if you're going to gloat about it, it's not quite as cute. Then they held both hands and Dylan walked backwards while Noah walked forwards. They giggled, the wind blew their golden curls and we were all happy.

The day went down from there and I ended up in a bad mood. I'm not even sure why. But, still,

I am grateful for exercise for the whole family.

We needed that walk/run. We needed to take off our coats and feel the breeze on our necks. And you, we really needed you, sunshine.

If I could only bottle that happiness and then pour some on me when I feel like crap later in the day. But I guess that's what this blog is doing for me. When I remember these special moments, I get a little taste of the real thing again.

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