Saturday, March 14, 2009

Right on the Fox River...

Day 73.

What a gorgeous day today! It probably never broke 50 - at least not on my car thermometer. But, there was not a cloud in the sky, and the kids and I had a blast exploring the western suburbs, mainly Geneva.

I am grateful for Geneva.

Who knows when we'll take the plunge and move out of the city, but when we do, Geneva is an amazing option. I have driven through there many times to go see friends, but never have browsed or walked the downtown shops. What a wonderful, adorable area! It helped a lot that we didn't need our coats, but I had so much fun just walking with the kids around, hitting THE BEST second hand kids store I've ever been to (it was so organized!) - Good Cents, and even getting a delicious italian sausage from a local family-owned meat place. Something about patronizing shops that still are family owned/run. When I was in there, the guy helping me yelled to an older guy - "You done on the register dad?" How charming! This place grills their own meat outside their restaurant all summer long for lunch - how yummy and fun is that?! Apparently, this was summer enough - cause they had the grill going and the kids and I were in heaven. (And we even brought Jason back a delicious steak sandwich with cheese and onions). Mouth watering yet?

Top off the day with great gluten-free finds at Soup to Nuts, and I felt so content! It's nice to know you don't have to be in the city to find neighborhoods that have unique shopping, dining, and WAY friendlier people. :)

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  1. I worked in Geneva for the first 7 months we lived in Chicago. Looooong commute, but adorable town!