Monday, March 30, 2009

Sick and comfy

Day 89.

I'm sick of missing out on things. Dylan got some fever/flu on Friday, and so she missed the Suzuki Passport to Music this past Saturday, where I really wanted her to experience Suzuki more first-hand so she could have a chance to see if she was interested. Then we missed going out with friends that night since Dylan was sick and we couldn't take our feverish daughter to Jason's parents so they could babysit! So, we stayed home. Then we stayed home from church (where Dylan was going to do creative movement up front). Then today, we stayed home from the library. We stayed home from ballet - and Visiting Day - the only day all semester where parents are allowed to come in and watch - we missed it. Now currently, I'm missing book club.

First it was because of Dylan, and so it was easy for me (feeling good) to be annoyed at all we were missing out on. Afterall, I'm someone who really looks forward to things - even little things. So, when I have a weekend with all this great stuff planned, and it all gets trashed, I get bummed.

But then today...I woke up sick. And when you feel like crap, and you don't want to go anywhere...

I am grateful to stay home, lay on my couch, and not have anything I have to do.

It's amazing how your perspective changes.

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  1. I am sorry that you all have it going around. We started with Simon last Thursday and then Peter on Saturday and they are both still sick.

    I am grateful that we are all generally well.

    Feel better quick,