Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Relaxing Apparel

Day 70.

Most days I look forward to getting dressed - wearing good jeans, a flattering shirt, and caring about what shoes I put on. Actually, lucky for my husband, I do feel like this most days. I usually care about my appearance.

But Wednesday nights, 7:30pm: Jason is gone, my kids are in bed and I cannot get my comfy clothes on fast enough.

I am grateful for my Sunday pants.

I started calling comfortable drawstring lounge (pajama-like) pants "Sunday Pants" when I was in high school. It was really the only time I put on these pants when it wasn't bed time - I would come home from church on sunday and wear these comfortable pants for the rest of the day...ahhhh...

But, as I entered the work force after college, and dressed up on a daily basis, I found myself wearing my sunday pants every night - as soon as I could strip off the dress clothes post dinner. Fast forward seven years and I'm still doing this - although the line could easily be blurred. In fact, who's to say I don't wear Sunday pants all day long as a stay at home mom?

That's where I am trying to keep both my marriage spark (honestly, who wants to see their significant other in sweats every day) and my personal spark (somehow I become lazier when I wear them). So when I do put them on - especially wednesday nights, when I have no reason to be cute for my date with the couch, computer or laundry - I feel good.


  1. Because of you, I call them Sunday pants, too!

  2. Hilary,

    You would look adorable in anything!
    You are so cute!