Monday, March 2, 2009


Day 61.

We wanted to get out of Jason's hair today - it was Casimir Pulaski's birthday - which means no school in Illinois (he's a Polish war hero if you want to know more). Jason had a lot of work to get done for school (both Kenwood and grad studies). So, we headed to Backstory Cafe, a local cafe/coffeeshop for their "Neighborhood Playgroup" on Monday mornings.

I loved this place. I had never been before, and I'm just sad I've missed the first year of their existence! It is wonderful, laid back, they play great music, and is the best place to take your children. They have a train table, a bin of toys, shelves of games and books, and the best - huge chalkboards covering the walls that the kids can chill out by and draw draw draw!!

I am grateful for small businesses.

In an economy of failing small companies, this is precisely the place our neighborhood cannot afford to lose. As I found it's tattered green metal door, plenty of street parking, and wondered what I was in for. What a beautiful, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate center this place has.

They are amazing. They brew their coffee by slow-filter (apparently it's great - I wish I had some today), they have a small used book store inside (as they say, they carry "provocative texts recommended by area activists and scholars of diverse social and political persuasion"), and the interior was designed and constructed using local re-purposed materials. And did you remember by now that's it uber kid-friendly? They are so cool.

Check it out, give them business (if you are any where near hyde park), and let me know if you want to meet there for coffee, or tea, or an organic vegan lunch. :)


  1. that sounds so nice and relaxed.

  2. I love backstory!! (So much so that me and Mike are featured on their website =) Their coffee is really the best around, I think.

  3. Oh wow, Liz - yes you are! I didn't even notice you on the homepage there drinking coffee with Mike and sitting with your Phil & Ted's stroller...:) Very cool!

  4. I'm there! Seriously, let's go!!!!