Saturday, March 7, 2009

the hub-ster

Day 66.

We just got back from 36 hours in Champaign - a very fun, jam-packed 36 hours - leaving me and the kids exhausted and both kids with runny noses, cruddy coughs and whiney cries. But we're home, in all it's bliss and sadness (I miss my parents too much to live in Chicago!!).

The best part about being home: the wonderful man sitting across the room from me right now.
I can't believe I've waited 66 days to mention my incredibly better half.

I am grateful for my husband.

Jason Adam Rhodes, I am even more in love with you than 5.5 years ago when I became the wifey. You are the most incredible father any mom could ever want for her children, and the perfect teammate to ride this parenthood journey with. You show me what unconditional love is. You challenge me, support me, crack me up, and still give me butterflies.

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