Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thoughts on my bday

Day 90.

Sometimes I get mistaken for a high school student. Or, if I am with my kids, I often get..."So, are you nanny or mom?" (with an emphasis on nanny, and a questioning look on mom as in, "Good God, you couldn't be their teen-mom!)

I guess that's what I should be grateful for...that I look so vibrant and youthful, right? Hmmm...maybe when I'm 40, I'll wish I looked 12 years younger - but not now. I turned 29 today, and truth be told, I'm glad I'm closer to 30. Yes, someday I might get to be a young, chipper grandmother because I had kids early. But right now, I feel 30. Heck, I feel at least 35. So, if I don't feel in my 20's...I might as well not be in them. The 30's are the new 20's anyhow...right?

I am grateful to be another year older!

And, special just for my birthday...a second round of gratitude:

I am grateful to my mom for birthing me 29 years ago tonight.

I know how hard that is now, twice over...and I salute you for bringing me into this world. Thanks mom.


  1. My pleasure, believe me!!! MOM

  2. My experience is that each decade is better than the one before. Have fun!

    Rebecca B.

    (Your mom told me about your blog.)