Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thou shalt not covet...

Day 74.

Coming home.

We weren't gone long - only 48 hours in the suburbs. But this time I came home with new perspective.

Jason and I have been trying to figure out our life next year - whether we should stay in the city or go to the burbs. Todd (one of our pastors) gave an amazing sermon today on The Ten Commandments, and focused part of it on the last one - You Shall Not Covet Your Neighbor's House. And in a way, I've really been coveting the suburbs. Thinking that when I have a backyard, when I have a garage (or even just a parking spot!), when I have a good public school for my kids lined up, when I don't have downstairs neighbors...that life will be better. That all my problems suddenly go away and I become infinitely happy.

But what happens when/if we do make that move? Yes, some of my problems may be solved...but won't there be new ones to replace them? We have a yard, but we also have yard work that comes with it. We might have no neighbors to share a building with, but what happens when the roof needs repair (or any other equally expensive undertaking) and we no longer split our building expenses six ways? I may find that a house is calling my name, but what else might call my name once I have that?

What will be the next thing I need to look forward to in order to feel fulfilled? What will I find myself longing for? What will I covet then?

The only true wisdom and fulfillment in life is through God.

When I walked through this door this afternoon, I saw my home in a new light.

I am grateful for my home.

And I'm grateful to live in an amazing city. I'm grateful to have amazing friends here. I'm grateful for Jason having a good job and a grad school program he loves. I'm grateful to be able to enjoy the city for as long as we can.

Maybe these feelings are happening at a very obvious time - it's easier to be happy with life in the city when it is sunny and above freezing. But, I do feel it's more than that. We can do this, and in fact, I think we're meant to be here...for now.

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