Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Page turning

Day 69.

Tonight I had a meeting and so I needed to leave about 6:30. Jason had an important Kenwood Bball game to attend, so he also wanted to leave by 7-ish. My nephew CJ was going to "watch" the kids while we were gone - but we needed to get them in bed first (I'm grateful for you too CJ!). So, for this to happen, Noah needed to nap early, so he was ready for bed by then.

No need to go into details, but he didn't nap. With the time change still screwing us up, 12:15 was entirely too early for him to shut his eyes - even with a bad cold/cough. Dylan was happily having quiet time, but when I finally got Noah out of bed, I was exhausted and had not rested.

I am grateful my kids are growing up.

Don't read this the wrong way. I am not grateful they are so grown up that they didn't take a nap. But, I am extremely grateful that when we were done with naps/quiet time for the day and it was ONLY 1:14..... (just shoot me) - we all went into the playroom/front living room and I laid on the couch and read a book. They played in the same room contentedly for a good hour and only asked me to play with them once. They are old enough to be self-sufficient for awhile.

Did you catch that? I READ A BOOK in the middle of the day. Yes, I was still on call, still being needed for nose-wipes, acknowledgement of "what a cool playground you made for your people!" and keeping Noah from injuring himself with the heavy laundry basket of toys. But, I still was reading.

I kept waffling back and forth between gratitude for this time and guilt for reading instead of doing the laundry, dishes, organizing the closets, etc. But, eventually I just let it go and enjoyed myself.

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